Wushu Performance In Singapore

If you’re looking for a quality Wushu dance performance, you should definite visit http://liondancesingapore.co/wushu-performance-singapore/ and have them do it for you. But first, why should you choose a Wushu dance instead of a lion dance? Well, first of all if you’ve seen the Disney film ‘Mulan’ back in the 90’s then you surely remember the part where Li Shang taught everyone under him some amazing Wushu techniques. It became even more popular by that time, but Wushu is not a simple fighting technique; a lot of rhythmic movements are involved.

Wushu Techniques

The Wushu dance involves tons of styles and techniques which are grouped into categories. One type is the bare-hand styles and weapon-play. These would involve numerous weapons which are also grouped into categories like the short-range, long-range, flexible and double arms.

  • Long-Fist: this would typically be a bout at the end of a person’s reach. The routine would involve quick, rhythmic and agile movements highlighted by various explosive and spectacular jumping techniques.
  • Staff Play: the staff play is also known as the ‘Father of All Weapons’, this Wushu routine involves numerous fighting styles all seamlessly incorporated into one. The performers make use of semi-flexible wood; they use this type of prop because it lets them smash the staff into the ground without fear of breakage.
  • Board-Sword-Play: while the staff play is known as the ‘Father of All Weapons’, the board-sword-play on the other hand is called the ‘Marshal of All Weapons’ because it’s the basic assembly of foot soldiers way back in the medieval period. The routine involves quick and explosive movements added with wild ferocity.
  • Spear-Play: the spear-play has the title of the ‘King of All Weapons’. Out of all the weapons ever used, the spear has the widest reach and the sharp edge gives it its killing power.

Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding DJ

In all honesty, a lot of brides have complained about the wedding DJ that they hired on their special day and would have rather hired a wedding band. If you’re set on hiring a wedding DJ for your wedding, then there’s nothing to fear because there are many ways which you can avoid any unwanted problems from the תקליטן. First, it’s crucial that you hire a professional wedding DJ and not a friend of yours that kind of knows how to load a song and mix in some beats. Aside from that, there are other factors that you need to establish. wedding-dj-kent3

Make Them Feel Who’s Boss

Remember, you are the wedding DJ’s client so you’re in charge and what you say goes. Be clear that when it comes to the music, they are not allowed to decide on their own. Lay all the ground rules and don’t be afraid to become a little bit aggressive if needed, it’s your wedding after all.7

Be Specific

Tell the wedding DJ exactly what kind of song you want played from the start of the ceremony up to the entire party afterwards. If you have any song that you don’t want played, then explicitly state them. Also, discuss whether or not the wedding DJ can take song requests from the crowd during the party or if they need to only stick to the planned playlist.

Give them Your Playlist ASAP

In case you already have a playlist that you want to incorporate then give them to your DJ as early as possible. How early you ask? A full 90 days is a good kind of early. Wedding DJs already have master systems and a whole archive of songs but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the specific songs you want played at the wedding.

The Age Of Electronic Photo Frames!

Nothing matches the joy of flipping through photographs depicting the special moments in our lives. Some of these moments are special enough to be adorned by photo frames and often find themselves perched on our bedsides, reminding us every day of the memories we cherish. However, with technology progressing leaps and bounds, it is no surprise that a traditional frame is slowly being replaced by an electronic photo frame. The special feature that comes along with this product is that it enables continuous viewing of several digital photos without the help of a laptop or printer. It has an exclusive power system designed for continuous usage which makes it a new-age photo frame.large digital picture framesThese frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some frames even allow videos to be played along with stationary photo-viewing. According to the needs of the user, frames come with features like a Wi-Fi connection, cloud storage abilities, a USB and SD hub, to name a few. Size is also completely up to the user; some frames can be as tiny as a keychain while some could be majestic wall frames, spanning several feet. Innovation is a constant when it comes to gadgets which is why features are always evolving according to public demand. For instance, some frames have an inbuilt printer and Bluetooth technology. Speakers are common in video frames and they come with remote control. Sometimes, even transfer to and from photo-sharing websites like Picasa and Flickr is possible, which is why this device is so versatile.large digital picture framesOf course, nothing beats the warmth and happiness that a traditional frame brings to one’s heart but as we step into a technologically driven age, we must appreciate the several advantages that the electronic version brings us. After all, there is nothing better than having the best of both worlds, right?